A ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships were built for.

After a long, long period of silence (too long, I know), I have returned to the cyber world of my beloved blog. I am in the process of embarking now on yet another new adventure. Recently hired as an Associate Director for CCS, a consulting firm for nonprofits out of Chicago, I will be sent on projects throughout the central US. I am excited, humbled, and oh yeah, terrified! For months now, I have been hoping and waiting and praying for a company to take a chance and hire this bright-eyed girl. And that time has come. So I guess it’s normal to feel a mix of emotions.

I saw a quote the other day posted on Facebook and really loved it — it’s sure ringing true to me now: “She packed up her potential and all she had learned, grabbed a cute pair of shoes, and headed out to change a few things.”

I think that this past year and this full-time job of trying to FIND a job has taught me so incredibly much – but more than anything, it has made me so grateful. I am so thankful to my wonderful parents who have supported me and guided me this entire way, and now send me off with all the love in the world. It’s selfless – I know that it’s hard for them to send their baby girl across the country to plant roots somewhere other than in Portland. Yet all I hear from them is “We’re so proud of you,” and “We’re so excited for this adventure.” And best yet, “Get ready! We’re going to visit.”

It’s made me appreciate my “little” brother all the more. Being able to experience him in this soon-to-be high schooler mode is a blessing. Spending late nights chatting over buffalo wings, discussing what high school looks like, and giving my best sisterly advice are times I treasure.

All in all, being at home was exactly what I needed. “Somebody told me that this is the place where everything’s better and everything’s safe.” Cliche, you may say. But the sign from Karen’s Cafe in the CW show “One Tree Hill” is an accurate description of my hometown. It probably is true of yours.

I think my biggest realization of this time off from my “year off” (haha, right) is that while home may be the place where things are safe, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the place that is best for you. Don’t get me wrong. I am OBSESSED with Portland. And she has served me well. Raised me, nurtured me, and loved me. But now a quote from my Mom comes in (and the title of this post): “A ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.” I think that it’s my time to figure things out on my own, to try a new job that will challenge me and push me in new ways, to put on my big girl clothes and be a working professional. I’m excited, and I hope you’ll follow me on this journey.

But don’t fret – you can take the girl out of Maine, but you can’t take Maine out of the girl.


About Christina Moore

Originally from Portland, Maine, I now live in Chicago and work with extraordinary nonprofit organizations to help them champion their individual causes. My heart is in the 207, and my feet are on the ground in the 312. Enjoy readmoore!
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2 Responses to A ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships were built for.

  1. Maggie says:

    Love love love! Prayers for you.

  2. So glad to read your blog again. It’s always a blessing, I think, to get the chance to be at home with the family for however long it lasts. But the big world calls, right?

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