as it was intended

I can’t even move myself to write more than a pretty simple post tonight. I am absolutely struck by the divine intention of how my night was going to go. Tonight, I hosted our athletes small group. It’s a new thing; a shift from what we originally intended to be a classic inductive Bible study. We as leaders decided that going for a more casual setting would make the environment more inviting for different people to join. Basically, we want to love God while loving each other.


Let me just say that God led us down the correct path in our thinking. Tonight was not what I expected. Usually, there are 4 of us that are there every week. I was the only one out of the “regular” 4 that was available tonight, and then two cross country runners joined me. They are both such beautiful spirits; one of whom I’ve known for over a year but am just beginning to really get to know, and the other whom I’ve known for only a few short months but have bonded quickly with. I’ll admit that when I first realized how many people couldn’t come tonight, I was bummed. A wonderful girl named Anna wasn’t able to make it, as well as a great guy named Drew. This was in addition to my co-leaders. So what could have been a group of eight turned out to be a little team of three.

Never have I felt closer to God in an unexpected way! And to think that I was worrying about the success of it! I don’t know how I doubted it when I had prepared by buying MegaStuf Oreos and milk! We started out by talking about viral YouTube videos, but soon enough the conversation changed to deep faith talk. We shared life stories and similar experiences, and grew in community. Though it wasn’t an inductive Bible study, I saw God living strongly through each of these young men, and it inspired me. It wasn’t a traditional faith sharing group – there was tons of laughter and distractions, yet we grew in community around the central idea of Christianity and growing closer to God. There is nothing more that I should have asked for!

Sometimes simple is better. Sometimes “wasting” a half hour watching cat videos and YouTube favorites like “Drinking Out of Cups” will bring a group to a level of comfort that popping open the Bible “cold turkey” could ever do. Meet where you are – come as you are. Then watch the power of God transform you and bring your hearts together to a beautiful union.

Aaaaand a verse, of course. “Lord, show me your way; lead me on a level path because of my enemies. Do not abandon me to the will of my foes; malicious and lying witnesses have risen against me. But I believe I shall enjoy the Lord’s goodness in the land of the living.” – Psalm 27:11-13


About Christina Moore

Originally from Portland, Maine, I now live in Chicago and work with extraordinary nonprofit organizations to help them champion their individual causes. My heart is in the 207, and my feet are on the ground in the 312. Enjoy readmoore!
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