delighting in a sense of wonder

When you take the time to notice the snow fall at night. When you laugh a genuine, good-hearted laugh. Those smiles that you can’t keep in. The butterflies you get when talking to a specific person. The way a home-cooked meal gives satisfaction to your heart and not just your appetite. When your little brother – who is at the “cool” lax bro age – tells you that YOU indeed, are the “cool one.” (Shocking!) These experiences, these blips of existence; of life in the world. We all know the feeling. You are truly alive at these times; it is like all the worry in the world disappears.

Ray Bradbury once said “If you enjoy living, it is not difficult to keep the sense of wonder.”

How powerful, right? It seems easy enough, to say that as long as we perpetually enjoy life, we can keep a sense of wonder. But I think those are two things that we have to deliberately do. How often do we find ourselves going through the day not truly enjoying being alive? I know this sounds existential and a tad bit crazy, but really? When you are walking on campus to class, are you enjoying the sights and smells around you? Are you appreciating the ability you have to be walking? When you are heading into the office for the day, are you enjoying the fact that you have a job? Are you excited for the human interaction and conversation with your coworkers? This is enjoying life, and we probably don’t consciously do it often enough.

Living in a sense of wonder is a whole other story. This one is harder to explain because that sense occurs at different places for different people. For me, I feel it when I am standing next to the ocean, breathing in the Atlantic air. I feel it when I am sitting in St. John’s Church. I feel it when I am so engrossed in good conversation that everything slows down and I realize how alive I truly am in that moment, and the happiness I feel. You know what your sense of wonder is because it is found in the things that you truly love to do. When you act in a state of wonder, you don’t consciously move your body; rather, your heart is in charge. You feel like a kid who hears the ice cream truck rounding the bend – you’re excited for the next moment with whatever it may bring. You are a free spirit because all that you feel is wholesome good; pure awe at your surroundings.

What sparks your sense of wonder? Where do you find that you enjoy life the most? I tell you friend, life is far too short to spend your days in dread or boredom. I think that living a complacent life is hell on earth, and who wants that? Live as though your life depended on it…right? 🙂

Verse for today, (not from my daily Bible section, but I knew it would be appropriate): “I run in the path of Your commands, for You have set my heart free.” – Psalm 119:32


About Christina Moore

Originally from Portland, Maine, I now live in Chicago and work with extraordinary nonprofit organizations to help them champion their individual causes. My heart is in the 207, and my feet are on the ground in the 312. Enjoy readmoore!
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