Lesson #3

Lesson #3: Life is too short not to enjoy it.
This is a lighthearted one, ya know? Life is so freaking short – think of how fast time flies. I mean, I’m a senior in college and it feels like just yesterday I was deciding where to go to high school. That was 2005. It’s almost 2013.
Think of how fast a day goes by, especially when you have a long to do list. I mean, between classes and practice and work, I feel like down-time has to be scheduled in if I want it to happen.
Yet when we do have downtime where we can choose how we want to spend it, we’re always happy. What does that tell me? I think it means that we should enjoy the time that we have. It’s pretty short if you think about. 525,600 minutes in a year (no, I won’t break into a verse of RENT) does not give you a whole lot of minutes to enjoy life if you wait for your time off to do so. The average person will work 124,800 of those minutes away at an office, not counting the amount of time it takes to travel and get ready for work. Do you really want to spend HALF of your time, meaning half of your life not enjoying yourself? I sure don’t.
This is why I think we need to find ways to enjoy ourselves in life every day. Do one thing that scares you every day, because you will usually look back and say they were the best things. These new experiences will challenge you and make you grow – in the end, making you enjoy life more.
Here is a list that I made of ten things that I think we can all do to enjoy life a bit more.

1) Break baking rules. I know “they” (whoever “they” is) say that it’s dangerous to consume raw eggs – but I think you should steal a bite of batter anyways. It will make your day better, I swear. (And as an experienced cake/cookie/brownie batter taster, I can assure you that I never felt sick from it. In fact, it has made me enjoy life more.) 🙂

2) Think like a kid sometimes. When you catch yourself feeling stressed out, think “What would 8-year-old me do?” And if you were a lame 8-year-old, then think “What would that cool kid I wanted to be like when I was 8 do?”…And then do it. If that means throwing the windows down and sticking your arm out into the wind like an airplane wing, do it. If that means chasing birds in a park, do it. Maybe it’s doing a wheelie on the grocery store shopping cart. Basically, act like a fool in public because that’s what kids do everyday – so why can’t you? Blessed are the young at heart, right?

3) Hit snooze. That’s pretty simple, I know. But there’s nothing like starting your day off with a bit of procrastination, and if you only hit it once, it only means that you have to take a bit less time getting ready for work or school – but trust me, it will make your day to willingly roll over and fall back asleep for 7 minutes. 🙂

4) Bake something. I know, I’m on a baking theme I guess, but seriously. There are a few reasons for this. One, if you have roommates, they will love you. I know this because my roommate bakes, and I love her. I wish I could say it was the other way around. Two, the smell of your house when you’re baking will remind you of home, and it’s heavenly to feel like you’re eating sweets just by walking around. Am I right? And three, well, I don’t need a three….You get to eat it. There. Yum.

5) Burn a candle. My mother will be surprised that I’m writing this because I can’t go into candle stores without getting a headache and running out, but go buy a yummy smelling candle and bring it home. I promise you, enjoying life more is inevitable when your whole place smells like something delicious.

6) Belt out a song. Yes, sing it. Don’t half-ass it. Because when you hold back, you limit your potential as the next Grammy-winner. Belt it out like no one is watching, or if you do better with an audience, pretend you are in front of thousands. Either way, rock the freaking house with a favorite song – and then come tell me you’re in a bad mood. I tell you, you will be enjoying your life more than you were before you cranked the tunes.

7) Take a bath. Get the bubbles flowing, light a candle, put on some classical music and just soak. Don’t play the music off of your phone because then when it rings, you will be disrupted (and there’s a likely chance that your iPhone will end up taking a bath as well). Do this only when you have enough time that you don’t have to keep track. IE, wait until you are essentially done with your day so that you can sit in there for as long as your skin can before you look like a fish.

8) Go on a surprise visit somewhere. I am a MASTER of this, just ask my family and friends. But seriously, it’s thrilling and exciting for both parties, and you’ll have an awesome time. Find a Southwest “Wanna Get Away?” deal and just book somewhere there are loved ones. And then watch (and enjoy) their confused faces when you just walk in non-chalantly to a place where you are not expected. Yep, it’s awesome. And totally worth it.

9) Talk to a stranger. I know this was against the rules when your mommy told you about strangers when you were little, but times have changed my friend. Now, you can learn so much by talking to a random person. I have found recently that doing this is very beneficial. Because I’m so unafraid of making a fool of myself and meeting new people, I introduced myself to an attractive man in a bar in hopes that he would meet my best friend. He did, and now they’re dating. BOOM. Now I can’t take too much credit, it’s just the union of two beautiful people so she had a whole lot more to do with it than me, but still: if I hadn’t introduced myself to a stranger, then they wouldn’t be dating. Woot woot!

10) Last but not least, create your own. What would you do if you had 30 minutes? Think of it, and do it. Leading with your heart is a heck of a lot better way to go through your day than sticking only to your iCalendar.

So these may be simple (or you may be laughing at me for some of them) but either way, I hope they have at least sparked for you what YOU will do to make your life more enjoyable, because heck, it is short! Blessings, y’all.


About Christina Moore

Originally from Portland, Maine, I now live in Chicago and work with extraordinary nonprofit organizations to help them champion their individual causes. My heart is in the 207, and my feet are on the ground in the 312. Enjoy readmoore!
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