social media stress

I was not originally intending to write this as a freestyle blog. Unfortunately, I had gotten going on a rocking post about the #KONY2012 discussion panel that I went to. I was just about done, when I accidentally deleted the entire thing, instead of deleting a picture that I wrongly inserted into the post. So while my freestyle blog WAS going to be a critique of the panel, now it is a critique about social media frustrations.

Let’s face it: social media and our devices make us crazy. Yes, they are great when they work – and we worship them. But the SECOND something goes wrong, we lose our heads. I write this as I am literally fuming at myself since I deleted the post. (It was so good, really. Ah well.) Anyways, I think this obsession with the functionality of social media points at a bit of a larger issue. I know I have discussed it before; that the notion of being so connected can actually be detrimental…but seriously.

It’s “Dead Week” here, since final exams are next week. But let me tell you, (and any Creighton student will agree,) campus is anything but dead. Classes are still in session and in full swing, and the only things dead around here are the students’ brains or spirits (take your pick.) We are a campus full of stressed out, over-tired, grumpy, summer-desiring, graduation-tasting (or not), smart – yet DEAD – college students. Yep. So the absolute last thing I needed today was to begin to be proud of myself for what I was writing and then lose it all because I hit “discard post” instead of “delete picture.” For those of you who are still reading these words, way to go (since I am just complaining) but really. I have lost it. So this is my freestyle blog. I’m tired, I messed up, and even though I had some really good things in my post, now I have lost them just as much as WordPress did once I hit that damn “discard” button.

Thanks for listening – and here’s my advice for today: Never hit “Discard.” Ever.

By the way, this was basically the face I made when I realized I had deleted my post….Add a few tears, and you’ve got it.



About Christina Moore

Originally from Portland, Maine, I now live in Chicago and work with extraordinary nonprofit organizations to help them champion their individual causes. My heart is in the 207, and my feet are on the ground in the 312. Enjoy readmoore!
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2 Responses to social media stress

  1. madalynshea says:

    This made me lol. I can relate!

  2. The first thing that came to mind when reading this post was “this needs more cowbell”.
    Not sure why.

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