Insane Abs DVD, James Taylor, broken records, and Matthew 25

Here’s for my random blog post of the week? Month? I’m not too sure. Usually I keep it pretty focused but tonight, I’ll be all over the place. My apologies in advance.

First, I’d like you all to know how much my abs are killing right now. Or should I say the region where my “ripped abs” would be located. 😉 I just finished Billy Blanks’ ‘Insane Abs’ DVD – I don’t necessarily recommend it. Totally blasts your stomach and you feel every centimeter of it, but I attempted to do it with my roommate and her boyfriend watching. Not. Fun. Having an audience definitely didn’t help anything.

Secondly, my day is made better by the fact that James Taylor is playing softly off of my iPhone as I write this post. There is no better key to my heart than to play James Taylor (take note gentlemen!…gentlemen?) As I begin this sentence, “Never Die Young” just came on; a great song which is fighting for the top spot as one of my favorites. (You should really download the live version though, I love it far more when you hear his raw voice rather than the instrumentals. Anyways.

Thirdly, a HUGE shout-out to all of YOU! Yes, you: my readers. Records were broken today!! I had a record number of views on my blog, which totally and completely made my day! I love all 113 of you! I was more than stoked to see those numbers. So thank you for reading, PLEASE continue to do so, and share with others if you enjoy it! It’s such a blessing to know that my words are being read and enjoyed!

Fourth(ly?), one of my classes was cancelled today and I was able to spend some good quality time in St. John’s; which is definitely one of my favorite places to be on campus.

When I’ve visited the church each day as part of my Lenten observance, I’ve been reading from the little prayer booklets which the parish leaves in a basket on your way in. I really love them because for each day, there is a little “5 Minute Lesson with the Lord,” and they are great. Relating to each days’ readings, the reflections are short, sweet, and applicable. For today, the reading is one of my most cherished. From the blessed words of Matthew 25, the famous verse reads “Whatsoever you have done to the least of my people, that you have done unto me.”

Woah. For me, those words speak very strongly. I have always kept that verse and what it suggests close to my heart. Think about it: Jesus is in everyone. So that means if we show kindness and love to one person, we are showing that love to Jesus. If we are kind to a stranger, we are really being kind to our God.

But the same is true for the negatives. When we judge, when we ignore, when we hate, when we criticize, when we deem someone unworthy of our time, love, or attention; we are really denying our Creator that respect. …Yikes. Though it may be immensely difficult, we must all try to remember that in the times where we feel every ounce of our body filled with negativity; if we exude that negativity, we are really insulting God.

My friends sometimes make fun of me for being nearly unable to say “no” to anyone, but that is mainly because this verse rings true in my head constantly, and I immediately strangers as “Jesus in disguise.” This remains to be my mantra.

I suggest this as an application/lesson:

1) Imagine you were to meet Jesus face to face. What would you do? What would you say? How would you act? Would you be on your knees praying, or would you be offering your worship and actions to Him?

2) Now, think of someone who you do not have a lot of respect for. This can be for whatever reason – you may have a reason to be upset with them and you are holding a grudge, or maybe they just rub you the wrong way. Think of the way you treat them on a regular basis. Imagine it as though you are watching your life on candid camera.

3) Okay, next step: replace that person with Jesus in your head. How do you feel? Are you ashamed of your actions? Would you change your actions if you knew Jesus was hiding inside that person?

4) And here’s the kicker: Jesus’ lesson for us today is that He is present in each and every person, and when we deny someone the love that God teaches us to show, we are really denying love to Him. Though it is important to love God when you know it’s Him, it’s the same, if not more important, to be that face of Christ to those who are “the least of His people.”

[I know that this isn’t easy. Even in writing this lesson, I cringe to think of how much I would want to turn that candid camera of my life off, and not watch it. I would rather watch the video of myself walking into mass, or giving a hug to a friend.]

But the reality is, our lives are not edited for God. He doesn’t get only the good footage. He gets the outtakes and the bloopers, too. Remember that we are all sinners and make mistakes; God simply wants us to recognize them and feel sorry for them. I pray that you are able to find peace in knowing that God is present in each and every one of us, and that if we give ourselves the peace to treat everyone with that respect, we will gain favor with Christ. Make your video worth watching for God.


About Christina Moore

Originally from Portland, Maine, I now live in Chicago and work with extraordinary nonprofit organizations to help them champion their individual causes. My heart is in the 207, and my feet are on the ground in the 312. Enjoy readmoore!
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One Response to Insane Abs DVD, James Taylor, broken records, and Matthew 25

  1. Maggie says:

    Hmm, lots to think about! Great insight! Love you!

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