Lent: approaching much too quickly!

“What are you giving up?” will be said hundreds of times of the next week. I feel as though I should say, “you know you go to a Jesuit school when…”

But really. Lent is a beautiful time to refocus and put yourself in check. I find that as much as giving something up benefits you, it is selfish if you really look at it. All it can make you say is that you succeeded. Why not also do something to benefit someone? So I attempt to do a mix of things for Lent, making sure that each day, I strive my hardest to follow this plan.

I recommend that if you are struggling trying to figure out what to give up or do for Lent, tell a friend. As one friend called it, an “Accountabili-buddy.” I loved this way of saying it. I have talked to my roommates, pictured below, and they agreed to keep me in line the best they could.

And here is what I’ve come up with for me:

1) Spend time each day at St. John’s Church. This can mean 3 minutes if it’s a hectic day, or an hour if I have time. Every second counts. But to make it in there each day.

2) No fast food. This is one that really isn’t too much of a sacrifice because I don’t eat out very often at fast food places…but I’m partnering with my roommate for this one šŸ™‚

3) Watch my mouth. In the way of the old adage, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything” (yes Mom, this one is for you!) I feel as though there are unnecessary things that come out of my mouth each day. My roommate is helping me in this and said she would “give me the silent treatment” if I did say something bad – until I realized why she was ignoring me. Though this tactic wasn’t my idea, I feel as though it will prove very efficient. (I’m too social to have a silent apartment!!)

4) Do an extra workout every day that time allows me to. Heading into our competitive rowing season means that even more than any day in the off-season, every extra workout counts. That being said, I think it’s unrealistic to say that every single day I will have time to do an extra workout. My schedule simply doesn’t allow it. But those days where I am deciding between vegging on the couch and socializing, or getting a run in….that’s what I’m talking about.

5) Try to write in my blog every day! Even if it’s just a short and sweet one, I want to keep my readers entertained and tuned in, and able to readmoore!

6) And one final one, on the topic of eating. Of course šŸ™‚ No eating to avoid studying/because I’m bored. I’m such a culprit of this! If I’m studying and get distracted (or want to distract myself,) I head to the kitchen. Even when I’m not hungry, I find myself using it as a tactic to kill time instead of read homework. So I’m going to try to be conscious of this.

In addition to having my roommates keep me in check, I am going to try to keep track of each time I break one of these Lenten observances. For each time in the day when I do, that means an ab workout that night. So 5 mistakes, 5 sets of ab workouts. Beneficial, right? What are YOUR Lenten plans?


About Christina Moore

Originally from Portland, Maine, I now live in Chicago and work with extraordinary nonprofit organizations to help them champion their individual causes. My heart is in the 207, and my feet are on the ground in the 312. Enjoy readmoore!
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One Response to Lent: approaching much too quickly!

  1. carolzuegner says:

    Thanks for the inspiration. I need to rethink what I am planning to do. I do like Lent and the idea of getting ready for Easter. I like anything that gives me a chance to start over.

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