The + and – of Google+ (and Facebook too!)

I’ll be honest. I didn’t want to have to get a Google+ account. I can’t even keep track of all of the usernames and passwords for the sites which I am already a member of, and Google+ didn’t seem like a necessity for me. So when I started my Google+, I didn’t know what to expect and wasn’t ready to learn a whole new set of applications and interfaces.

That being said, I was pleasantly surprised with the clean layout of Google+. It reminded me of the original Facebook layout, where it was limited to Profile, Friends, and Photos. I personally enjoyed Facebook more when it was this way. For this reason, Google+ was a fresh reminder of Facebook in “the good old days” …of 2009. I like how it lacks the dozens of notifications from pointless applications, such as Farmville or Words with Friends.

However, though Google+ offers a tidier version of Facebook, it’s just a matter of being too late. Everyone already has Facebook, and therefore doesn’t need a new “thing,” especially when it is essentially the same. It is probably true that Google+ is indeed better than Facebook, but the reality is Facebook was here first and isn’t going anywhere.

The next logical conclusion is, “well Twitter was new too, and it caught on! Why wouldn’t Google+?” It’s because Twitter was different. A whole new concept meant a whole new crop of addicts. For people who desire the Facebook-type interface, there’s no reason to replace it with anything else.

To the notion that it could be the “adult Facebook,” I highly doubt that as well. The reason adults are on Facebook, for the most part, is to be involved in the younger culture. If Google+ were to become an adult version of Facebook, the problem of being out of the youth loop still remains.

One aspect of Google+ which is neat is the “circles.” I find these to be glorified video chat rooms, whis not a new concept – but they have harnessed it in a new way. I think that for businesses doing video conferences, Google+ could be useful, but not much more than Skype already does. Not to mention that if Facebook sniffs out Google+ success with video conferencing, there will be a new app, maybe called “Library” or something (haha; a room full of books of faces…get it?)

For those of you who want to figure out Google+ but are lost (like I was), there is an interactive guide which can help get you started.

So what’s the future of Google+? For me, I predict it to be a mediocre existence. I don’t see it going anywhere exciting, if anywhere at all; not for the quality of it, but simply because it’s place is already filled.


About Christina Moore

Originally from Portland, Maine, I now live in Chicago and work with extraordinary nonprofit organizations to help them champion their individual causes. My heart is in the 207, and my feet are on the ground in the 312. Enjoy readmoore!
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