Editing a Chatty Kathy to just ONE sentence – task of the century

“A great man is a sentence.” Clare Boothe Luce was ready for twitter, that’s for sure. She would have no trouble in keeping messages to 140 characters or less. And she presented a really interesting point. Any person who has their motivation and dreams in check, and who holds an realistic view of themselves, should be able to synthesize themseves into a one-sentence description.

So I should be able to do that, right? Well, it’s not as easy as it sounds. So why, when I looked for videos on YouTube of “what’s your sentence,” were so many young children able to say inspirational things, synthesizing their vast potentials into a few simple words? Like this young boy, (at :54 seconds into the video) who spoke with more conviction than I have ever seen in a child his age – what an inspiration! Or the kid who said confidently “He didn’t  try. He did.” Bam! How about, “He went to the limits to help.” These were elementary school kids, not acclaimed celebrities, successful business people, or adults. These kids haven’t even hit puberty yet. One of my favorites, a child with developmental disabilities, proudly proclaimed “He was a helper.”

These videos, all inspired by Daniel Pink’s question “What is your sentence?” are a beautiful example of people who are living their lives for a reason. To try and figure out what my own sentence would look like, I focused on a few main exercises:

My top three personal strengths: To think about this, I asked one of my roommates/best friends to tell me the top three things she saw in me. Said that I was hardworking, able to help people through their problems because I listen well, and that I have an outgoing personality. Luckily, our views matched up pretty well and I have nailed these three down.

1) meeting new people / creating conversation

2) hardworking personality

3) able to listen well & give good advice.

My top three talents:

1) organizing and planning events

2) eating

3) writing

Yes, I realize that #2 wasn’t exactly professional, but I’m serious 🙂

What services I offer that differentiate me and set me apart from my competition: I believe that I am a person whose values directly influence my words, actions, and life. Faith in God is the base to all that I do, and my main goal in life is to live in the way that Jesus did. That being said, integrity is extremely important to me, and relationships with friends and loved ones influence me and drive me to be a better person.

Ok. So I have now written 421 words, and I need to make one sentence. I told you, editing Chatty Kathy is not an easy task.

But one point I will make is that growth is important to me. I think that my sentence today may differ greatly in a year. Not as much in the words of the sentence, but the conviction with which I can speak them. I only hope that looking back on this post a year from now, these words will ring even more true than they do today.

So for today, and for hopefully the future:

My Sentence


About Christina Moore

Originally from Portland, Maine, I now live in Chicago and work with extraordinary nonprofit organizations to help them champion their individual causes. My heart is in the 207, and my feet are on the ground in the 312. Enjoy readmoore!
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2 Responses to Editing a Chatty Kathy to just ONE sentence – task of the century

  1. carolzuegner says:

    I love the idea of Clare booth Luce as ready for Twitter.

  2. kelseyrhea16 says:

    I love the creativity and message of your sentence. Describes you to a tee.

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