fist pump for dining services staff

So you may not go to Brandeis or Becker and expect your dinner to exceed the cooking of your Mom… and that may be a safe assumption. You may wonder how premium “premium night” really is, and you may end up eating pizza and cereal for most of your meals.

But regardless of the quality of the food cooked for the students here at Creighton, I feel that the dining service staff is exemplary. I mean, they have to cook for 3,000+ students every day, three times a day. We have enough trouble cooking our easyMac without spilling the powdered cheese or boiling over the water in the microwave, so who are we to complain? They’re working their tails off, and they deserve some recognition.

Now I know, writing an article all about them may seem silly because the general campus consensus is appreciative of their work. Most students would agree that good old Ralph’s blunt “hello” or Arlene’s “See you at lunch honeypie” makes their day, but these people  really do deserve a major shout-out from the campus community.

This whole idea was spurred inside of me one day last week. I was walking from Heider to Brandeis and was completely entertained by an innocent action I witnessed. He had no idea I saw this, but it made my day. Little did he know that anyone was watching, but Kevin from Brandeis was walking out the back door of the dining hall towards the recycling bin and dumpsters. He had a box in his hand and he stopped about fifteen feet short of where the box belonged, lobbed it in the air, and then made it in. Immediately, a genuinely satisfied fist pump flew up into the air, and with a smile, he returned back inside.

Yes, I realize that it’s creepy to notice that and be able to dictate it with such detail. But really, the joy in his job was impossible to overlook, and his ability to be excited about such a seemingly small accomplishment was tangible in the air. You would probably recognize Kevin as the thin-framed, brown-haired man who is usually working to replenish the condiments, cereal, (I told you the staff is important!) and the juice station.

The staff really cares, and that’s why they deserve a special recognition. Too often, I feel that we are so busy that we go through the motions, grab a plate, sigh at the choices, end up getting pizza and cereal (and probably ice cream later) and never stop to think about the work that these dedicated staff members put in to make our dinner happen.

And if you needed any more proof, I can only think of one person on campus who can confidently greet each student by name on a daily basis. It’s not a professor, it’s not any high-up vice-presidents or deans – it’s Debra from Becker. That woman can remember stuff like it’s her job — and the point is? It isn’t her job to know every single person’s name, but would your experience at lunch be the same without it?

The dining hall staff goes above and beyond every day to make sure that even if the mass-produced college dining hall food can’t make our day, they can by providing a friendly smile, a helping hand, or even just a re-fill of the Cinnamon Toast Crunch. So today, I’m turning that fist pump around — to the dining hall staff. Who’s with me?


About Christina Moore

Originally from Portland, Maine, I now live in Chicago and work with extraordinary nonprofit organizations to help them champion their individual causes. My heart is in the 207, and my feet are on the ground in the 312. Enjoy readmoore!
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